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The Easy Panel™ – sandwich panel construction – technology was originally developed in the United States during the 1970s as a means of meeting the global need for energy efficient and low-cost housing. Since then the technology has evolved into a wildly accepted building method for both residential and commercial construction, offering numerous advantages over more traditional building techniques.

Easy Panel™’s  Innovative Construction Technology

Each panel (measuring 3.0 meters long and 1.2 meters wide) is constructed of a complex matrix of high tensile steel wire mesh and connecting steel truss wires, all of which are welded together at the Easy Panel™ manufacturing facility. Each panel weighs approximately 16 kilograms when it leaves the factory, including the weight of the fire resistant polystyrene insulation layer suspended within this matrix of welded wire mesh and connecting truss wires, adding both thermal and acoustic insulation properties to the final structure. As panels are light enough to be easily delivered to practically any construction site, the system provides a fast, economical and easy construction method for building a wide variety of projects, including security walls, individual or multi-family housing, as well as large multi-story residential and office buildings and manufacturing facilities.

The interwoven, welded structure of a completed panel gives the final construction strong resistance to many of Mother Nature’s challenges, including earthquakes and high winds from hurricanes and typhoons. We are confident Easy Panel™ can provide you with considerable cost savings that can make many of your construction projects less expensive to build and bring them to completion more quickly than most traditional building materials.

In developing markets, Easy Panel™ Technology can be an excellent solution to meet the need for durable low-cost housing, providing both private housing developers and government housing authorities an exciting alternative to more traditional building materials.

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