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LiteCast is a lightweight precast concrete panel incorporating the Easy Panel™ technology at the core. Innovative  and unique building material, it is a hybrid between Easy Panel™ sandwich panel technology and precast concrete panels. The LiteCast building material presents the same advantages as precast concrete panels, being quick and easy to install, but only weighing 50% of solid precast concrete. Even so, it doesn’t require any changes in the construction methods and has superior thermal and acoustic insulation properties. It is thus a high quality, lightweight alternative to standard precast concrete panels.

Due to the light weight nature of LiteCast panels, there are many advantages when compare to solid precast panels, these include:

  • Reduced logistics costs for delivery from factory to construction site
  • Reduced capacity of required lifting cranes
  • Primary structure of the building (foundations, footings, columns, beams, etc) can be engineered to be less substantial
  • Providing same or better structural integrity
  • Superior thermal and acoustic insulation properties
Currently, the LiteCast product is manufactured in Thailand in a large precast concrete factory to ISO9001 standards.

LiteCast Technical Drawing
LiteCast Technical Drawing

Test Results

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